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Hi Cheryl:Thank you 说:
2016年9月20日 23:34

Hi Cheryl:Thank you so much for sharing on my blog. I can’t even imagine the beauty you saw while visiting yourfamily on the east coast. But then, that’s where you’re from. Beauty abounds there! We have talked so much about how our lives have changed, and keep changing. How we struggle to understand those changes, and when we get right down to it. We embrace them with abandon! Happy Cooking this week-end. Of course I knew you were going to cook something Italian. And what a great cook you are!Love you my friend!Patty

no, è facile. Sono 说:
2016年9月20日 22:45

no, è facile. Sono due click.@Larsen: fin troppo diretto, fin troppo immediato.@Maura: beh, richiedimelo tra un po'.@Luigi: invece esiste. E cmq non dò certo la colpa a FB di niente. FB è solo uno strumento.@Allez: grazie di esserti manifestato, a Lucca. ;)@Uapa: è la tua giornata, allora! ;D@Lory: ho dato l'amicizia a persone con cui non ho mai scambiato manco una parola. E manco questo è troppo normale, mi sa.@Lorenzo: beh, il blog è un'altra cosa.@Simone: addirittura "addirittura"? :D

hay un pastor bautis 说:
2016年9月20日 21:05

hay un pastor bautista que denuncia a los falsos profetas, pero sin embargo en su iglesia permite que haya el reggeton cristiano, la musica cristiana mundana, pero predican en contra de la apostacia, y predican una doctrina calvinista, que la salvacion no se pierde. No es logico, pueden predicar la sana doctrina, pero es al 100%. La salvacion si no la cuidamos y nos descuidamos se pierde, el que vive en el espiritu tiene lavida eterna, etc. Cristo ya viene, busquemos la santidad que sin ella 

Oh yeah, fabulous st 说:
2016年9月20日 17:20

Oh yeah, fabulous stuff there you!

The NAZIs stoped Jew 说:
2016年9月20日 15:01

The NAZIs stoped Jews from shopping in certain shops: Juden Verboten.And now we have the leftwing fascist banning the people they dislike.Where is Vivian Reding?

AFAICT you've covere 说:
2016年9月20日 13:49

AFAICT you've covered all the bases with this answer!

Pares Balta on ihana 说:
2016年9月20日 11:26

Pares Balta on ihanaa! Ja Meinklang on muuten aivan loistava viini sushin kanssa! Harva viini sopii sushille, mutta tätä lähdin testaamaan ja nyt se on aina sushin kyytipoikana. Varmasti istuu myös muiden äyrisruokien kanssa, ei nimittäin jää edes wasabin varjoon.

cool info Everyone l 说:
2016年9月20日 11:01

cool info Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work and coverage! Keep up the wonderful works guys I’ve you guys to my personal blogroll.

Sono favorevole per 说:
2016年9月20日 10:46

Sono favorevole per le cose allucinanti che avvengono in italia ma anche dalle informazioni che propinate sui giornali e sui siti come questo.Rendo a precisare che non ESISTE nessuna truffa sui gialli o rossi semaforici e che i procedimenti degli inquirenti riguardano gli appalti…………è possibile che in italia non si riesca ad avere delle informazioni corrette?

Many many quality po 说:
2016年9月20日 07:05

Many many quality points there.

" 문어"is "octpus" 说:
2016年9月20日 06:01

" 문어"is "octpus" so I suspect their translate with intentionally this record.Actually there are legendary creature caled 鮫人(kind of snake-like marmaid) in china , which is crawded creature. Maybe "é­°é­š” implies this.It is appear that it implies Sealion(or Seals)s and It has written "可支魚".

When you came into m 说:
2016年9月19日 21:39

When you came into my life (a long time ago) you changed me forever. You were so positive and fun. It gave me a special love for life that is with me to this day. I look forward to seeing you again!May God Continue Bless all who knew you! — Jay Lisonbee

How cute!! I was ac 说:
2016年9月19日 21:32

How cute!! I was actually just thinking about that pony….do you think it would be barbie sized if I did it with the right size hook (I think you did it with a size bigger, right)? My girls are looking for a barbie horse and I thought they might like one like this!

Guys, what’s u 说:
2016年9月19日 21:27

Guys, what’s up? Just wanted to ask if you could give us a status update on the eps. I’m asking since it’s been more than a month since your last release and I wanted to know how it’s going. Of course, this is just a selfish request from me, so feel free to ignore this post.

anon 2.32you miss th 说:
2016年9月19日 19:59

anon 2.32you miss the genuis. there's a website for user-generated content so it's really like Web 2.0 and now. can't you see the magic? you must be one of those atl dinosaurs.

Hi Mandy, hope you a 说:
2016年9月19日 17:34

Hi Mandy, hope you and Mandy both had a brilliant day!!Your card is gorgeous, love this cute image and your layout, colours and papers are just perfect!!hugs Heather xx